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Jan 20, 2021
I know i’ve shared it but yeah, not cool of him tbh.. he should not have done that especially when he got his jollies out of it. We all make drunken mistakes.. hopefully she’ll be okay but does seem to be in a very bad way. In Intensive care after a OD apparently.
I mean both have partners and kids so not a great idea to start going out and fingering/gettin fingered in a taxi. Surely they knew the camera was in the taxi.

Anyone see on Instagram that Chantelle has earned enough from showing her boobs and bum to afford her dream car a Range Rover Evoque, I mean I really don't get it she just poses in her lingerie and you get a flash of nipple.

Then local influencer and rape trial witness Dara Florence went to Ibiza and posted a videoing of her partying in an apartment with footballer Tyrone Mings, not saying anything happened but she has a history of chasing famous sportsmen with her massive tits.
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